Your First Speaking Gig

Roll Call is a place where you can learn how to get comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd. Because how else do you get speaking experience without speaking at an event?


3 speakers. 10 minutes each.
A supportive audience.

We’re building Roll Call to be a place for people who are just getting into speaking to share their ideas and get comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd. The talks are short, and there isn't a Q&A session after each talk — it's a low pressure, friendly environment.


Why Roll Call?

  • We all had to start somewhere!
  • Speaking can be scary if you haven't done it before
  • Every industry needs to hear from fresh voices

event details

Roll Call starts at 8:00am on the last Friday of every month (except June, July, August, and December). Show up at 7:30am for open chit chat. Talks will begin at 8:05am sharp and run until just after 8:30am. We close up shop at 9:00am so you can get to work on time.

Join us on January 26, 2018

Roll Call happens at Homestead Coworking. We'll supply delicious breakfast snacks from District.

Who's Speaking

Jennifer Antunes will be covering lessons learned from a bad customer service experience.

Jennifer is an Account Manager, ACE board member, and friend from Edmonton, AB. She loves to build processes and communication tactics that work not only for projects but also for the people involved in them. You can find her managing projects, processes, and people at Lift Interactive. 

Ellie McFarlane will be teaching us everything we never wanted to know about figs.

After completing a political science degree at the University of Ottawa & pursuing a career in non-profit work, Ellie accidentally discovered the digital marketing world and has never left. Currently, Ellie is a Website Analytics Specialist at Lift Interactive in Edmonton, and has worked in digital marketing for the past 4 years.

Dr. Mikolaj Raszek will be talking all about DNA sequencing.

Mikolaj is passionate to educate about genome sequencing, or how we can look into our DNA code to gain important medical insights. Luckily for him, he loves studying science so starting a consulting business in breakthrough scientific technologies seemed like a next logical step.

Would you like to speak at an upcoming event?  We are looking for speakers! Get in touch and let's talk.

Get your tickets - space is limited!

Admission is free but please register for a ticket to RSVP to the event.


Want to Get Involved?

Interested in speaking? We want to hear from beginners — people who have never or almost never spoken at a professional event before. We’ll meet with you, help you get comfortable with speaking, and coach you on your presentation. We don’t have an open Q&A session so you won’t be put on the spot.

Who Is Behind Roll Call?

The team at Kick Point! Dana has spoken at numerous events and knows how hard it can be to get started without any speaking experience.


Get in Touch

Questions about Roll Call? Want to speak at an upcoming event? Send in your details and Dana will be in touch.